Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blues, Jazz & French

Last night was ladies night for me and my girlies.

We started out at House of Blues and Jazz.

LOVE - the deco and the feel of the place.

The only let down - no jazz band, they only play on the weekends.
Nevertheless is worth dropping by.
LOVE - the architectures of the French concession.

I don't really like to go to the bund area as is so far from my pad but when I do......
I am in awe of the lights, architecture and scenery.
Dinner was at Hamilton House - finally! I was waiting for the longest time to have dinner there.
I like the whole concept of no smoking in the French restaurant except for the bar.

LOVE- the interior and the toilet mirror.

2nd floor

Toilet mirror is basically like a mirror from the inside but ppl from the outside can pretty much see what you are doing. Thank god I wasn't doing anything embarrassing like picking my nose or digging my teeth.

See through toilet mirror

Can you see in this picture my friend - phobs????
The food was not bad but I LOVE the lemon tart dessert is soooo gooooood!

Goats cheese


Snapper with escargot

Sea Bass

The lemon tart that i LOVE


WoAi said...

My office is close by HH. I've been there loads of times.

Oops!!! I didn't realise the bathroom mirror was a one way mirror - arrrrrrggghhhh!!!

Ai Mei said...

lol woai u are hilarious i hope you did not make a fool out of yourself or maybe u already did!