Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Made it!

From last friday's post you must be wandering did I ever made it to Fabric Market by bike from Jing An Temple?

Well I did!

Questions that you might ask

Was it far?

At one point I had to cycle at the pedestrian walk as there is no proper road for cyclist.

Was it worth it?
Yes - I saw so many interesting things

Will I do it again?
Yes - next week need to pick up all my purchases I might use another route the next time.

What I discovered?
A small lane where people were selling old coins and jades That was along Xu Jia Hui area.

Market selling fish, animals and insects - Tibet Road.

How I got to fish, bird & insect market or in my "term" Jurassic Market?

I took a different route back - Lujianbang lu - daji lu -aomen lu - huaihai lu - jing an.

The market sells everything - insects (very jurassic looking ones), animals, bird, plants and animal food.

Whats in the bowl?

These semen pots are for the crickets. They are kept inside.

Bird food

On the way back, I saw some skateboarders working their stuff.

How much damage I made at Fabric Market?
RMB 700 for 4 dresses including fabric.

Best purchase?

A shoulder bag for RMB20.

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