Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ladies Night - Premier

Last night it was ladies night out for us.
Headed to Ab's place for dinner and the premier of....

When I arrived I thought we had called for Sherpa's - but I only saw a plate of poppadoms?

I was like you cant be joking - that?!?!?! for dinner?

Obviously not!

We had Thai food from Thai House at Cheng Du Road - their wai mai is so cheap we had so many dishes and it only came up to RMB 270 for all.

Finished it off with Armani chocolates & Italian biscuits that do not come cheap - sponsored by my Armani gf. With a touch of unhealthy local chips.

The premier was not bad - I cried a few times without letting anyone noticing it.


WoAi said...

Ladies night, no kidding! I saw the movie in London. It was kind of embarrassing because other than my brother and myself, there was only one other guy in the entire theatre!

Ai Mei said...

hahaha the girly side in you!

WoAi said...

If I was a girl, Mr Big would definitely be my kind of guy, LOL!

Ai Mei said...

well if you were a girl..i would tell u to start queing!

wancestyle said...

lol@woai - I experienced the same situation in London. I went to watch the movie with three female friends, and there were just two other guys with their girlfriends in the theatre. But who cares? It was great fun! I want to watch it again in Shanghai to check the male/female ratio in China! Given the submissive character of Shanghai guys, I expect to see many more guys accompanying their girlfriends here!

ai mei - we all men have a girly side in us. However, SATC was very instructive to understand women's perspective on a lot of issues. That's what smart guys do!