Thursday, July 3, 2008

Arabian nights for the ladiessssss

Time flies that it's ladies night again!

We went to Marrakesh restaurant at 133 Fu Xing Lu.

The interior is really pretty and cosy.

The Moroccan food and service were not too bad. We had couscous, chicken, mashed potatoes, bread, chicken skewers and egg plant.

After dinner we continued on with Barbarossa.
Ladies night at Barbarossa made me felt like I was in high school/ college again there were so many expat students. Downing in all the free drinks.

Our last stop was Paramount.

I have not been there but woooooh the interior is so over the top and they even have ballroom dancing area on the 4th floor. Very 60s Shanghai feeling - very elaborate.They were dancing to some hokkien oldies.

Most of the male dancers are like in their late 40s and their partners are like late 20s??? Made me felt like I was in an old century prostitute house.

The 2nd and 3rd floor - bar and club.

It reminds me of G+ in Xintiandi
Music - local techno.
When I got back, my friend gave me a surprise present from Jade on 36 which I still have not got a chance to have dinner at.
She said it was sooo good and to rub salt into the wound she presented me with that little dessert cake.
I am sure she did it out of good heart.


Lizzie said...

Babe! Can't believe I found your blog! ;p

Ai Mei said...

hi did u ever find it?