Thursday, July 24, 2008


Have u ever passed this girlish restaurant at Beijing Xi Lu?
BABYBOLL ...isn't the name simple so girly....

Heard they have a few branches scattered around Shanghai

For someone who loves to eat I have decided to try it out
The interior is so prissy but I LOVE IT!

I ordered

sushi role, veg, frog leg,
chicken wing and
strawberry cheese for dessert.
See how happy I look.....
The food was not too bad and it was not even expensive. The bill came out to be less than RM 200 for 2 pax.

I will definitely go back and for those of you who have not tried it.....I recommend!


wancestyle said...

Gosh, the restaurant eccentric chandeliers would fit very well in any of the baroque villas in Rome! Do the waitresses look like babydolls at all?

Ai Mei said...

wancestyle - sadly no the waitress were normal...i totally agree with u they should dress up though..