Sunday, July 20, 2008

Friday Night

Friday night, I brought my fashionable self to Attica and attended the STRUT fashion show.
Moi & shuai shuai friend
The show went pretty well but the MC ...they could have done better...i could not understand a word she was saying
her very shreeeky voice .... she just sounds like eeeekkkkkeeekkkeekkkeeekkkkeeekkkkk

The collection of clothings were very pretty

picture of the designers - they were HOT!

C cafe were one of the sponsors of the show and their frozen yogurt was soo yummy....
anyone who lives by Xi Kang road or Bei Jing road can head to C cafe just below Pasti restaurant
House of Flours
at 1F, 03 Shanghai Legend, 635 Bibo Lu, Zhangjiang Hi Tech Park
go try their yummy yogurt or their to die for chocolate desserts

C cafe's owner, Brian was very nice to explained to me that it took him 2 months of research in order to come up with the smooth and tasty yogurt. It surely paid off!

The other sponsor that I love is Louise Farnay - her collection of bags a
re amazing!!!!

After the show, i headed to LAN to wish a friend Happy Birthday!!!!

First time in LAN, Shanghai.

I prefer LAN, Beijing better.

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