Friday, August 1, 2008


Sanya is one of the very few places that I have always wanted to go in China.
Clear blue skies, nice beaches, nudist, seafood, ..........

My friend was lucky enough to spot a good holiday package to Sanya
3 days, 3 nights, 4 star hotel plus, breakfast included and return flight all for RMB 3300.
What a good deal!

Flew there with Shanghai Airline and stayed at Resort Golden Palm.

I find the name of the hotel very strange shouldn't it be Golden Palm Resort???
Isn't that a better way of saying it?

By the way - their breakfast is surprisingly good!
But after 2 days I was sick of it all.....

Walk out of the hotel cross the road and you are at the private beach

The hotel was not too bad but I would prefer to stay at the Aegean Conifer Hotel - so pretty!!!!
But our cab driver who is such a STAR told us that Aegean is divided to hotel and service apartment.

Anyway I can't stop drooling at their swimming pool area.
This couple and the float spoiled the pic
Back to the post -
What I did I do in Sanya?
Soak up the sun, eat, sleep, tour around and hot spring!

Ate so much seafood - seafood is so expensive in Sanya.

Better of eating seafood buffet served in the hotels much cheaper.

If you are going to Sanya anytime soon please do get the taxi driver's number who took me around (msg me)- he took care of us from the day we arrived to shopping eating and touring around Sanya and send us off to the airport.
All for only RMB 350.

You might think is expensive but the taxi ride from Sanya airport to Ya Long Bay where all the 5 star hotels are takes about 1 hour and it comes out to be RMB 90-100. For him to take us around and even wait for us is actually not expensive at all.
His service I rate - VELI GOOD.

I end this post with THIS!
I was literally posing so hard for a sexy baywatch lookalike picture when ......

The waves spoiled it all for me
Have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

I find the comment 'the couple and the float spoiled the pic' very rude. They are the residents of the hotel, its you and your camera that spoiled their time chilling at the pool. They seemed quite cool in the pic, if it was me I would freak out with some random tourist like yourself shooting pictures around.

Ai Mei said...

anonymous - sorry guess you are right.. didnt think anyone would be that offended with the comment i made about someone else.....chilllllll...

wancestyle said...

haha, anonymous, how can you say Ai Mei is a random tourist? She was just trying to achieve the perfect angle in her picture. Being a perfectionist my self, I would have been pissed off with that couple's intrusion as well!!! ^_^

D said...

Ai Mei, Nice pics.
Nice resort and white sandy beach.
Would love to check it out one day.
Btw, looking at the pic closer of the hotel room..did they have carpets or plain tile floors?


Ai Mei said...

Wancestyle - lol we think alike :p

D - the hotel had tiles no carpets...guess is because it is a resort and guest might have sand stuck on their shoes etc which can be a pain for the cleaners...

Anonymous said...

wancestyle - a resort hotel in my book is a place to let one's hair down and relax. The last thing I want on a holiday is someone be it a photography enthusiast or a tourist shooting pictures around, let alone shooting a picture of me. But maybe we just have different ideas of holidays.

wancestyle said...

anonymous - I understand that you appreciate protecting your privacy when you are on holiday. Who doesn't after all? The point is: I don't think Ai Mei did anything so intrusive to ruin that couple's holiday. She just took a photo. Since I grew up in Rome, I got used of people taking pictures all the time. So, it doesn't bother me very much (also when I am on holiday).

Anonymous said...

hmm. I dont think sightseeing = resort hotel. Guess we just have to agree to disagree!