Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chef Z

Z from HK came over to Shanghai to cook us a hell of a meal.
He made
roasted pork
vege soup with
poached egg
steamed fish
this beef dish which i do not remember the name of itIt was so good, it took him 6 hours to get all this prepared.
Of course my kitchen ain't big enough to cater for 9 of us so we had to do it at B's house. There was Lassie
to greet us at the door.
Of course no meal is complete without dessert, we had chocolate cake from awfully chocolate.

I just had to cut it - practising for my upcoming birthday party.

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Anonymous said...

i LOVE this dress, damn im not in shanghai :( and dont think i will go there in a long time...

but i love it, will buy it next summer for sure, hehe