Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Last weekend I was entertain with somewhat Public Display of Affection (PDA) at Burger King.
This picture does not give any justice to what I saw
They were all over each other it was somehow like there were no one around them.
This couple were just going at it.
Now I was not the only one who were just gawking at them but i could hear people whispering saying:
"they could have done it at a better high class place like starbucks or Mcdonalds....or a hotel"
what are they doing??!?!?!
"they are so horny"
how i wish the passion in my marriage was like that
she is such a slut
I know that guy!!!
My theory of the day
more burgers and fries = more passion


WoAi said...

McDonalds is more classy than Burger King? I don't think so! Some of the people commenting are missing the point. Having an audience is part of the excitement for some people. Have you heard of the popular trend in the UK called DOGGING? People announce a time and location where they will be having sex and others come to watch.

Ai Mei said...

woai - dogging huh..interesting...guess this trend is slowly coming to China.

Shopgirl said...

haha that's cool

i totally give them my support.