Friday, October 31, 2008

The Rain

Rain Rain Go Away!!!!!
Tonight, I have to dress up for Halloween.
Ok to be frank I do not have any costume but I am a big fan of vintage.
I have this really loud MADONNAish number which I bought.
I also have another one which reminds me of Minnie mouse,
I might just be able to wear that too.
Its all red with small hearts all over it. It is not only the fabric but the design which is sooo 60s.
I just need a bow on top of my head.
Ayyah no camera to camwhore for you guys to see. Its ok tonight I am going to use my friend's cam to take as many pics as I can.


WoAi said...

Minnie Mouse is an excellent costume idea. Looking forward to the pictures.

Ai Mei said...

woai - i ended up looking like harry potters gf or teacher. None said i look like minnie mouse. FAILED

WoAi said...

Ai Mei - It's hard to imagine what could go wrong with Minnie Mouse. I think I need photographic evidence!