Monday, October 20, 2008

That BLUE dress

As some of you might know I lost my camera more like it got stolen at HCMC. Woai has been such a sweetheart he was so sweet to give me some recommendations and advise on what camera to get etc.
Woai I will be getting my camera in Bangkok heard is like RMB 1800 for that particular CANON 860.
My friends all know I am a sucker for pics and would always have my camera with me. I was so bummed without it that I bought myself an old scool non digital camera which basically you would need to take a pic and then rewind it so that you can take the next pic. Well I bought that and took 36 pics and tada walla I got myself a few pictures with THE BLUE DRESS that I wore for my lovely sweetheart Abs birthday party.
The dress aint any ordinary dress.
I bought the fabric, looked around for the design and asked my tailor to make it. So alot of hardwork to it. More work goes to my tailor actually. Fabric is of velvet material.


wancestyle said...

Beautiful dress. You look stunning!

Ai Mei said...

wancestyle - thank u dear!

Jeni said...

hey can you tell me what tailor you went to for your dress? I went to the fabric market in shanghai to get a dress done and its awful.. need to find a good one!
Thanks x

Ai Mei said...

jeni - hi love i did not make it at the fabric market as like u said they are just crap! I did it with a tailor that I know. If you need help let me know I may be able to help. He does not take customers so you might need to liase with me.