Sunday, October 19, 2008



My dad was over in Shanghai for the weekend

I had to run to DUNHILL and Kee Club opening.

One of my closest friend's birthday party at Maya restaurant.

Saw Zhang Zi Yi at the Mercedes Event, ran to see the PUMA event at Volar and ended up at Park 97 till 5pm.

I am knackered today. Got myself a new belt pretty vintage and a nice L.A.M.B bag.

I am going to make more money to buy more bags and get that new SL Mercedes Convertible.


WoAi said...

I was at Maya last week. You know it's owned by Miguel who also owns Velvet Lounge. Wasn't bad.

Ai Mei said...

woai - the beef steak was unbelievably good...u so have to try it.