Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I don't smoke but I am surrounded by smokers.
Some are social smoker while some are just plain addicted to it.
With the whole campaign "dont smoke is not good for you" and many restaurants and bars trying to band smoking.
I ain't surprise when I saw this whole new marketing scheme to make smoker to not quit ok more for the ladies and gay men.
How pretty is this....for ppl like me who ain't a smoker ....I was in awww of this cigarette box packaging.
is so nice and classy that it makes me wanna start smoking or at least carry this cigarette box with me.

How pretty is this!?!?!?! Colorful cigarettes!

Of course they put the sign "TOBACCO SERIOUSLY DAMAGES HEALTH" printed at the back of the box.
This cigarette cost RMB 20 which is a little more pricier that the ugly looking Chinese ones you see around.

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