Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Finally my post on Vietnam.

While planning for this trip I was contemplating on either Hanoi or Ho Chin Minh City. My partner wanted to go to Hanoi as there is halong bay situated next to it and is more cultured or should I say urban? Anyhow we decided against it at the end as flying to Hanoi from Shanghai is soo mafan. I would have to stop at Guangzhou and the weather forecast told me it was the rainy season.

So scrap that and off we went to HCMC, Mekong Delta and Chu Chi Tunnel. I arrived and stayed at this dingy hotel in District 5 which is the Chinatown of HCMC and also the backpacker's area. This district is where you can find all the tour agency such as Sinh Cafe or Sinhbalo which provides really affordable tours in Vietnam. They have really good wholesale market which you must not miss such as the An Dong market and the Ben Thay market. Other than that, nothing much.

I stayed in district 5 for 2 nights and head of to Mekong Delta for 3 nights. Mekong Delta reminds me of Bangkok and Cambodia. Floating market, river,....u get the flow.

On the way to Mekong Delta we were greated with a whole basket load of chickens!

The river water is soo dirty but ppl are still bathing with it, washing their plates, taking a poo and even swimming in it.

The lady who took me for a ride This Vietnamese man let us visit his place / orchard farm. He gave us banana wine and pamelo. Told us that banana wine makes us horny. Look how happy he is.

Trying to judge if the rice ball is as big as my face.

Last 3 nights I ventured around HCMC and stayed in District 1. District 1 is a better place to be as there are more restaurants, shopping and bars in that area. The two days was spent visiting all the historical sites.

I had so much PHO, rice paper, veges and spring rolls that can last me for a year.

Came to realise I ain't a big fan of Vietnamese food .... but I do love their Ca Phe Sua Da which is ice coffee with condensed milk. So goooddd!!! U just have to try it, my partner is seriously addicted to it that she is now a coffee addict and not just ordinary coffee but Ca Phe Sua Da.

Adding to that they also have really nice yogurt. Plain yogurt which is seriously something you have to try when you are in Vietnam.

People were talking so much about their bread rolls. Nothing great seriously

I was craving for durian so had to have it.

More pictures to come!


WoAi said...

Great pics.

Maybe it's just me, but doesn't all wine make you horny?

Is it your camera or are those kids really that dark? Is there a law in Vietnam that says people must stand in descending order of height when having photos taken?

Ai Mei said...

woai- wine makes me sleepy.

Horny for me is more like lots of alcohol regardless is wine or beer.

the kids are really that dark lol

mind u the sun was scorching hot out there and I dont think they put any sunblock on

i think their mom told them to stand that way...not some law ...that would be funny

WoAi said...

Actually wine makes me sleepy too. Sleep and horny which is perfect, so afterwards, I sleep really well, LOL!

The law can be a funny thing. You know in England there was a law which allowed a man to beat his wife with a stick so long as it is was no thicker than his thumb?

Ai Mei said...

woai - what kinda law is that

mind u i am not surprise if that was a law in korea...lol

Ai Mei said...

woai - what kinda law is that

mind u i am not surprise if that was a law in korea...lol

WoAi said...

It was back in the 18th century when there was none of this sexual equality rubbish we have now :-p

That law is how we got the phrase "rule of thumb".