Monday, November 3, 2008


Ok so there I was telling you guys I would dress up like Minnie Mouse. Seriously from all the pics I am sure you guys and even myself could confirmed that I FAILED.
I looked more like
Asian version of Harry Potter's gf or your old high school math teacher.
Witch and Harry Potter's gf/Teacher Kawaii deska.....
My date for the night

The Lady in red.
I had a good time just wearing something that I would not even dare to.
Next Halloween I might just go and celebrate it in Singapore since they are more into Halloween compared to Malaysia.


WoAi said...

Your date for the night looks really skinny. He must be Shanghainese :-p

Ai Mei said...

lol yes he was!

WoAi said...

Better make him a big bowl of Laksa or something put some meat back on those bones!