Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hennessy Artistry Concert 2008

It was held at the Pudong International Expo Centre. We were like 20 min late so we had to run to the VIP section to get our hands stamped. Before hand I was contemplating on what to wear as my gfs were all asking me. I thought better wear something comfortable or else I will not enjoy much of the concert. So there I was in my jeans and adidas sports shoes while everyone was all glam ed up! Felt so ugly at that moment.The artists that were performing that night was Mavis Fan, Jay Zhou, Wyclef Jean and 3 more artist which I was not very familiar with. One was a really handsome Thai DJ, an American band and this Korean singer.

On the way in

The concert was jammed packed with ppl. Everyone was dressed to kill except for me so I felt like UGLY BETTY at that very moment.

The handsome Thai DJ.
Mavis Fan

My glamorous ladies
Wyclef Jean never fails in giving a good show

After waiting for close to 3 hours and going to thru the ordeal of listening to the American band and the Korean singer, we finally had Jay Chou on stage.

I was screaming "hallelujah" but I am sure those ladies who were wearing those high heels shoes are kneeling down and praising the lord.

Ok so he is not cute or sexy but I have to say his songs never fails to entertain me.
At the end of the concert, I was glad to see Jay and wearing my adidas sport shoes cause it was a good 5 hours of standing around. Being UGLY BETTY was worth it for that night.


Anonymous said...

You know, jeans and trainers can look sexy on a girl too. It's not all about being glam all the time...

Oh, and contemplating.

Ai Mei said...

anonymous - oh so shy for that counter plating spelling lol...thanks for the notice.

Lizzie said...

You always look good!

Ai Mei said...

lizzie - thanks dear! Same to u too are u in singapore?