Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hunter Valley

Anyone who is in Sydney must make a trip to Hunter Valley and go for their wine tour. Basically you can rent a car or if I am not wrong there are tourist operators who are able to plan a wine tour that includes transport.

There are so many wineries to visit that you might need about a weekend to finish it all. Mind you the wineries opens at 9pm and closes at 5pm. I was there for 2 days and stayed at Cypress Lakes resort. Totally recommended, as you can see from the pics below the rooms, kitchen and toilets are really nice and clean.These are the few wineries that we went.

Saw a really nice painting at this Organic Wine Estate

Peppermint Tree has such a pretty garden you just have to stop and look
Other wines some estates do sell olives and cheese

Wine tasting

Never leave Hunter Valley until you had lunch at Leaves and Fishes. They are known for their fresh and tasty fish and chips. I would recommend you to try their steak dish too.
One very important thing!
Call for Reservation

We were greeted by this really cute fellow.
Salmon dish
Fish and Chips

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