Friday, March 27, 2009

W to the C

When you see car number plates start to change from a W to a C, you know that you are in another state in Malaysia. Number plates that starts with a C is a Pahang registered car.

What I see, stayed and ate in Kuantan, Pekan, Maran, Temerloh and Beserah in Pahang.

Bundle house means vintage store in Malay

More mens clothes but nevertheless it was so much fun

Salvatore Ferragamo shoes.....

Hospital Kuantan
Hospital Pekan with their "Therapeutic" garden. Don't think it is very therapeutic.

Inside the dental hospital
My room in Green Leaf hotel, Kuantan. Not too bad is like RMB 200 or RM 92.40 a night.

My view from the hotel. BORING!
When u can't name a your own brand of bottled water.

Just name it " NO NAME" drinking water

Egg Tart
Curry Mee with cockles. Yummmmm
The ladies who are famous for their curry mee.

It was so hot in Pahang that I skipped going to the beach but I am heading down to Terengganu this weekend. So maybe I would get to see some sea and sand.


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