Friday, April 17, 2009

Binalong Bay

The internationally recognised Bay of Fires is situated between Eddystone Point and Binalong Bay and is one of Tasmania's most popular tourist destinations. With its stunning blue water, red rocks, white beaches and fishing lagoons, the Bay of Fires has something for everybody. The entrance to the Bay of Fires - Binalong Bay (10 minutes from St. Helens) - is one of Tasmania's most beautiful beaches and provides some great views and walks along the coastline. With an array of accommodation, fishing and diving facilities, and a general store and cafe, Binalong Bay is an idyllic location for those seeking a 'holiday in heaven'. (source)

What a great way to greet us at Binalong Bay

Look at how clear it is. The water here is so clear reminds me of Maldives.

There are a few beaches to choose from but we decided upon Jeanneret for its quaint and quiet surroundings.

The beach may be beautiful but the water is very cold and is filled with sharks. A few days before we were there, there was a young girl who got pulled into the waters by a great white.

That ain't gonna stop me though.

The sand squeaks when you walk.

My opinion on Tasmania - I LOVED IT!

It ain't boring at all. I had a blast for a week and so did my partner.

We would definitely be heading back to Tasmania in the near future. I would pay more attention around the east coast area. How can u say no to sea, fresh seafood and nature.

Heading down to Melaka, Malaysia tomorrow.

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