Wednesday, April 22, 2009


In the morning before heading off to Melaka we had breakfast at Sun Yit Loong which serves really good white coffee.

The bah chang is very good, served with sugar

Curry mee served with roast pork

When we reached Melaka, you must have the chicken rice ball

Interior of the restaurant

Chicken rice with gizzard and rice ball

Famous satay

This guy has been serving chinese satay which has pork, intestines etc for 30 years

The gravy is somewhat different from the Malay satay sauce. The Malay sauce has lots of peanuts and no pineapple. The chinese instead has pineapple and no peanuts in it.

We then headed off for some durian cendol, which is made out of coconut m ilk, jelly and durian.

Then the famous popiah located at Jonker's street

Ingrediets - fried onions, eggs, lettuce, steamed white cabbage

You can either have fried popiah or the non fried one.

The old man busy preparing a popiah

we went for the non fried one. The popiah skin was really thin and nice.

Then is dim sum time, the dim sum are all miniature size.

Fried jack fruit and yam at Jonker's street

Yam cake

Ya Cha Kuai - made out of fried dough

Asam Laksa - nyonya style which is a little more sour compared to Penang Laksa at 88 Jonker's Street.

Ladies making the cendol at 88 Jonker's street.

Asam Laksa and cendol
Self service is required at this restaurant.

We were so full after the whole day of being a glutton that we had to skip satay celup which is lok lok but dipped and cooked in a special satay sauce. Anyway look at the waiting line.

The drive was an hour and a half back to KL so by the time we got back we were abit hungry so we went straight for mamak nasi lemak. Rice, egg, ikan bilis and sambal.

Ended the night with durian.


Lizzie said...

babe, the food looks dammm good lor.

Ai Mei said...

Lizzie - lol that is the whole point. How u anyway?

Hang said...

The food looks inviting. I want to have a bite. Hungry...

Ai Mei said...

Hang - lol u can always head down to Melaka if u are in KL.