Monday, April 13, 2009

Tasmanian Appleheads and Model Village at Huon Valley

"Tasmanian Appleheads and Model Village is an attraction at Glen Huon, southern Tasmania. Glen Huon is 40 minutes’ drive southwest of Hobart (58 kilometres/36 miles), a short drive from Huonville.
At the Tasmanian Appleheads and Model Village you can explore two model villages. The main village features miniature reproductions of buildings from around the world. Highlights include a large Shoe House, and a model of Australia’s oldest Catholic church - St Johns Church, built in the south-east Tasmanian town of Richmond in 1836 – which features bells, a church organ and even a church choir. A second model village is a quaint, imaginary country town, complete with houses, a pottery, smithy, hotel, turreted castle and four churches, each with their own ringing bells.
A quirky specialty is the souvenir Appleheads – caricature heads of men and women carved from real apples and dehydrated to age them". (Source)

This model village is own by a couple who have been doing this for 12 years if I am not wrong. The old man is the one who build the village while the wife is the one who colors and dresses up the miniature dolls. The wife also collects dolls from all around the world and displays it inside their home.

Hi! I am an Applehead.

Quaint Town and the little shoe house.

Snow white and the 7 dwarfs

Workshop where the miniature buildings and churches are done.

Dolls from all around the world.

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