Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Estee Lauder Model Search 09

I have always wanted to take a professional shot of myself. The oppotunity came when Estee Lauder came out with this Estee Lauder Model Search.

Basically you pay RM 280, you get a free makeover, hair and wardrobe styling, pic taken by professional photographer, one free A4 pic of yourself and you can redeem RM 230 of Estee Lauder products. Sounds like a deal!

I was not intending to join the competition but soon after you have taken the picture, the photographer will always invite you to just join since you have taken the pic. I thought why not. If old aunties and tai tais are doing it. I thought I should just go for it too, no harm.

The layout of the stage was very well done, I love the combo color of pink, black and white.

The makeup area where you can see a tai tai getting herself all made up for the shoot.

Another tai tai getting her hair done.

The makeup set.

without any make up.

all made up.

I was not used to the thick makeup smacked on my face by the makeup artist. But she said with all the bright lights used while taking my pictures, I would not be able to see much of the makeup. How I agree.

Next was my hair. I have recently cut my hair really short and so nothing much for the hairstylist to do. She just gave it some volume.

I changed to an Eclipse dress. It was a v neck dress made out of chiffon material.

The back.

I did not have pictures of the photographer bay but I am sure you can picture how the layout is.

Next was to choose the pic that you like to take home. Now I realised in order for the photography company to make a little more money they would ask you to spend like RM 380 for a book of yourself with all the 12 or 11 pictures taken of u all photo shop including a disk of all the photos. Or they would ask you to spend 150 on 4 photographs put in one big A4 pic plus a disk of the pics. As I have already spend RM 280 i decided against it and just took home one pic of myself.

Photo shop

gone are the eye bags, uneven skin tone, dark skin etc. You name it they removed it. The power of photo shop.

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