Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hari Gawai Barbecue

Last Sunday we celebrated Hari Gawai. We had barbecue which comprises of all meat, pork, chicken, fish and not forgetting alcohol.

For your info Hari Gawai
is celebrated on the first of June by the Dayaks or Ibans of Sarawak for a week marking the end of the paddy harvesting season and the beginning of the new planting season. There is singing, dancing and considerable drinking of tuak or rice wine in the local longhouses. The Ibans working outside their village returned to the village for the celebration. There are plenty of food and certainly not shortage of entertainment and wine in the local way. (source)

the huge pork slices

My friend had to mince the pork

The pork slices are then mixed with lemongrass and salt

Then put into the bamboo shoot and mixed with a little bit of water. Then it is barbecued.

The pork slices were so gooooodd. You should try it at home very simple dish to prepare.

Barbecued fish which was caught by themselves.

Look at the happy people!


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