Thursday, October 29, 2009

Krabi Local Market

Took a tut tut to the local market

The scenery

Pants I purchased

Salted fish - most of the sellers are muslims

Krabi is actually a muslim settlement.

Shoes are abundance here - so cheap too.

A dress for
A top for my mom


LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

Hye.. i will bw going to Krabi.
How to get to this local market..What day?.. How far from aonang beach?

Ai Mei said...

Hi the market if i am not wrong is on a sat night. you can ask the taxi or tuk tuk kinda taxi to take you there. they all should know it. it is not that far from aonang beach i would say 20 min max?