Tuesday, January 19, 2010


SQUISITO - a quaint little Italian cafe tucked away in the Queen Victoria Building in Melbourne, Australia
One of the most enjoyable and authentic Italian food i have tasted. It is a fmaily run restaurant that serves a select variety of home-made pasta by MAMA MARIA! Opened only for lunch and once a month (last Friday of the month) for dinner. Its a 3 course meal for a fixed price per head with unlimited wine. Check it out!
Anti-pasto - Capsicum and Olives with heaps of Salami
Stuffed Chicken - super YUMMY!

Grilled Prawns - Fresh and DELIGHTFULICIOUS!

And my favourite --- Homemade Fusilli
Its simple but tasty and fulfilling. Goes great with Chilli, Parmesan and Wine!

Thats Mama Maria! Cute isn't she~!

And best of all.......they top it off with a shot of limoncello and expresso!

Anymore authentic and i'll be in Italy!
Bon App├ętit

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