Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Comedy Month - Douglas Lim & Harith Iskandar

First show I attended for the comedy month.

I was fairly impressed with Douglas Lim cause of his humour - making fun of the Malaysian politics and singing about how his friend who converted to Islam missed having pork. That was hilarious.....

Harith Iskandar was really dissapointing, I mean come on I paid RM 65 not to listen to him talk about him getting married to his 26 year old fiancee. I have heard it and seen it on the radio and the newspaper. I think I would have enough of his publicity. GUESS IT WAS NOT ENOUGH FOR HIM!

It was so BORING!!!! Not funny at all. I mean i know is a happy thing to talk about yourself getting married but this is not a free publicity stunt or may I add a cheap marketing tool for us Malaysians to know. WE ARE NOT BOTHERED!!!!

"I think Harith you have to make money's worth by giving us real jokes and not jokes about your wife Jezamine feeling your pulpatation yada yada yada!!!! It was just BAD!!!!!"

I wanted to kick him off stage!

Thank god for the last song Harith sang with Douglas Lim about 1 Malaysia. That literaly saved u!!!!


synical said...

I passed on this knowing Harith might do some recycling - he talked about his FHM wife to be?

Okay, glad I didn't miss anything then :P

Ai Mei said...

synical - yes u didnt miss anything Harith was BLEEEHHH.

synical said...

Tell me about it - I've seen some of his one-man shows over the last few years... left me feeling the mehs.

Ai Mei said...

synical - ok we both can boycott his show for life. I still have to see him at the Miss Malaysia Universe Pageant and he is the MC.

Cialis said...

They are great comedians!