Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Choices choices choices

Was out running office errands,
stop by the telecom service and was spoiled by the choices of phones available

Which should I choose

Boring office phones

Over the top "Marie Antoinette" phone


Garfield ...

Spoiled with choice!!!


wancestyle said...

I like Garfield. However, I think it would be far more interesting to pick the Marie Antoinette phone and go to work dressed up in a peach coloured silk brocade Renaissance gown :) Don't know how your boss would react though!

Ai Mei said...

lol i am soo tempted...we could have bought it for woai when he had the whole 18th century dress up...the marie antoinette phone will fit right in!

wancestyle said...

Bought it from Woai? Nah! He has showed us only his 18th century outfit. Since we still have not seen any of the outfits adorning the girls he claims to 'educate', it's risky! However, have you got the posh French accent to go with the brocade gown and the over the top phone? ^^

Ai Mei said...

wancestyle - I am working on it!

WoAi said...

You guys talk about me as though I am not here! Of course the Marie Antoinette phone is the one to get, as if you needed to think about that!

All those memories of the good old days when I was a French aristocrat are coming flooding back to me now. And pistols at dawn with angry husbands, oh those were the days!