Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hairspray Musical

After a late night out the night before....

The next morning, I had to pull myself out of bed for the Hairspray musical. I went for the matinee show and because I had decided to take a bus and get the ticket on the day itself, I had to be up a little earlier compared to others.

I arrived half an hour earlier and for every concert that I have been to.....first thing I do is to head straight to the "HUANG NIU". As usual, I had to work on my bargaining skills, I had to bargain my way for a RMB 500 ticket to a good RMB 350. Was it worth it? Yes, I got 6th row from the stage.

An advise when purchasing a ticket, you would have to double check if it is a real ticket with the ticket master.. most of the time they are.
The HUANG NIU will always ask you to check first and then pay them after.
If they don't..... look for another HUANG NIU ..... they are scattered around close to the main entrance.

The musical was really good....the performance was top class.
If you have a chance do go for it!

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