Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fashion is not Dead

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend Raffles Graduate Fashion Show.

Inspiration - futuristic, alien, architecture, spaceship, drainage system, gothic, harujuku girls, origami, car tyre, cartoons, fairy tales, etc.

Each student gets to pick their own theme ... their design some how remind me of Alexander McQueen or Balenciaga inspired. Very avant garde and over the top.

A few picked the kawaii look or japanese inspired - pink pink pink...

Their illustration and presentations are top class. Very well done!

Designs - some are just "omigod what are u thinking" , a very few were "oh wow" and the rest "oh ok".

Mini fashion show - very messy, few models were very professional while the rest were not. Anyway I would not expect much from a graduate show.

All in all good job!

Enough of me say.... pics time!


wancestyle said...

How can people wear some of those clothes? Futuristic, but not very realistic! And where are the models? ^_^

Ai Mei said...

wancestyle - fashion is not always realistic