Sunday, July 6, 2008

What an End to My Saturday

I just got back from Dou Wei, Zhang Chu, He Yong & Jiang Xin 2008 Shanghai Concert - my favs Zhang Chu and Dou Wei.
He Yong & Dou Wei are so fat now.

(First picture below was taken when they were young)
Sorry to say but Jiang Xin was utterly rubbish....she tries too hard - everyone was screaming for her to stop singing. Anyway ain't wasting my time talking about her as she wasted my precious one hour. I wanna get at least RMB 50 back!!!! Pic of her below - small screen
I thought the concert will be done by 10pm then I could head straight to LAN club opening party. Did that happen - guess not. The concert ended at 11:30 due to Zhang Chu being stuck in traffic which I thought was utterly rubbish ...stuck in traffic at 10:30pm when you are the last act? Whatever.....he made it up with his GOOD MUSIC and amazing drummer! My rocker friend was with in awe of the dude.
Dou Wei did not sing "Don't break my heart" which I LOVE. Oh well I will just blast it on my stereo for now.

The crowd were amazing everyone were singing to all these old rockers's songs.

Next week I will be going for a newbie underground rock group in town. Will keep you all posted on how I got on with that.

I will leave you with Zhang Chu and his huge backup singers (the crowd) - they were amazing!

A little bird told me Coldplay is coming - lets pray hard for that!

It would be icing on the cake if Radiohead would come toooo...

ok I am asking far too much....I know!

Will stop dreaming


wancestyle said...

Radiohead in Shanghai? That would be fantastic. We should maybe present a petition! Occasionally there are good concerts in China, like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in BJ last autumn for example. But they are still very few. BTW, could you tell me who is the newbie underground rock band playing next weekend?

Ai Mei said...

wancestyle - i know!! I was so pissed that yeah yeah yeah did not come to Shanghai...oh well

the newbie rock group is actually a frien of mine ...i dont even know the name of his band - terrible me anyway will let u know once i get more details from him

Ai Mei said...

wancestyle - info for the concert
band name - modern cheese
venue -余姚路西康路, 芷江梦工厂
admission - RMB 40

have fun if you go!!!

wancestyle said...

ai mei - the truth is that BJ has a better rock scene than SH, which is more pop/jazz oriented. What I miss the most, however, are the music festivals in England. The last one I attended featured, among others, Massive Attack, the Foo Fighters and the Flaming Lips, sigh, sigh...

Cheers for the concert info. Some friends of mine might be interested in the event. Maybe we will go. If not, I will be glad to read your colourful report :)

Ai Mei said...

wancestyle - totally agree with u on Beijing and London - the underground music are amazing many talents

I miss Beijing and London now....sob

wancestyle said...

Yeah, I miss London too, although not as much as Rome!