Friday, July 18, 2008


Ladies night was aimed at Kommune at Taikang Lu but oh my was the place packed with AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI.....we could not get a seat....barbecue all you can eat wander...the place was jam packed
so ok we thought of a back up plan
right....the only place we ever go to is Kommune in Taikang lu maybe is time for a change....
we walked and scouted through the whole area.... all of the restaurants were empty...except maybe a few like ginger cafe and this other place called WINE or something.....I was too tired and hungry to care at that point....
we stopped at Rendezvous and decided lets try this.. ok this place was very empty....everyone was only there for drinks .... we hesitated for a while but oh well we can't back out now.... we have the menu on our lap and the waitress was patiently waiting to take the orders.... All of us had the set dinner of the day - soup, salad, main course(choices of steak or fish) and fresh juice all for RMB 88. The food came out to look like this: My verdict
Food was not bad
Main course of steak or fish was rather good
Service excellent as we were the only few customers around.
I would definitely go again.
The manager was kind enough to give us RMB 20 discount coupon and a free wooden fan to each one of the ladies.
Marketing gimmick or whatever you call it...I was bought out by the food,service, discount coupon and the wooden fan of course.

No.43, 248 Taikang Road, Shanghai 021-6415 1050


Shopgirl said...

the salad didnt look that good...and that's expensive!!!
i went to pizza e pasta on tongren the other day, thought it was WAY overrated and they cahrged 70 for a small plate of pasta that wasnt even delicious. worse than sweden

Ai Mei said...

was it expensive??? I thought it was cheap RMB 88 for salad, soup, main course, fresh fruit juice....hmmm

Shopgirl said...

no thats not too expensive..but still..that salad looked pretty worthless haha.

was the main course good though? that's all it counts.