Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Shanghai Airport - Terminal 2

I have read countless time that the new terminal 2 was up and many international airlines check in counter has relocated over there.
Blur or whatever you called me, I took the bus to Pudong airport and got down on terminal 1.
"ok I am late but hey check in counter is like a few minutes walk away."
Scanning through the screen I realised wait a minute....where is my flight details and check in counter..
I panicked!!!!
Oh no was the flight cancelled??? It should not be as this is my way out of China...I am already planning ahead on what I would do for this 2 days of solitude bliss.
Ran around asked the so called enquiries desk who are just ........dont seem to know anything....anyway finally someone pointed out to me that I am flying off from Terminal 2 not 1.
I was like
"gosh AM how duh can you get sometimes"
To get from Terminal 1 to 2 is pretty easy - a connecting bridge which takes about 10 minutes if you walk.

Finally after passing through the bridge, I got to Terminal 2. Strange but new terminal reminds me of Malaysia's airport terminal.

I hated pudong airport as there are not much things to see. Not like Dubai or Singapore airport. I was thinking maybe the new terminal would be different but is not. Is the same, the very few restaurant, shops and a small dinky magazine stand. They need to add burger king, kfc, more restaurants, boutique stores and most importantly more international magazines on their magazine racks!!!!!

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