Friday, August 15, 2008

JIA Boutique Hotel

Yesterday, I was at JIA boutique hotel. A friend of mine was in town for business.
JIA hotel interior - I LIKE

The pictures above are all taken at JIA reception

Time to look at the rooms.

The rooms in JIA are pretty stylish.

Small though due to it being a boutique hotel.

An interior designer friend of mine prefers the one in HK but since I have not been there I cant compare.

Nice bed and a Andy Warhol inspired art


posing happily for the camera


WoAi said...

That place actually looks pretty cool. A million light years away from Hua Qiao Da Sha in Guangzhou where I stayed about 30 years ago when China was a scary place to visit. Any idea of prices?

Ai Mei said...

woai - nice place but the restaurant Issimo u should so stay rates if not mistaken is RMB 1000 something pernight? Not too sure sorry