Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olympic Football Match

A few people might be surprise to hear that I went for the Olympics Football match between Australia and Argentina last weekend.
The match was held in Shanghai Stadium.
Entrance gate
The ticket was valid for two different matches but we only stayed for one. It was pouring rain and in the back of my mind I was thinking maybe I should bail out but I can't as the ticket has already been paid. So off with my covered shoes and short denim dress - I know so not appropriate... don't know what I was thinking about..... skirt for a football match.
Inside Shanghai Stadium - rock climbing equipments on the right
Can you see the crowd through the peephole
Aussie's singing their anthem
The Aussie and Argentinian teams having their group picture taken before the game
The Argentinian team had so many fans

Argentina won 1-0 to Australia

The happy Argentinian fans!


Hang said...

How much does the ticket cost?

Ai Mei said...

hang - it is RMB 150 per ticket