Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic Opening

I was in Shanghai for the Olympics Opening and my friends who were watching it on TV with me was so annoyed with my repeated

woooowahhhhh soooo niceeeeee

that they had to shut me up by annoying the shits out of me.

I would think Zhang Yi Mou would want the audiences to be amazed by his creativity so obviously I was bedazzled by his work of art.

Pot Luck for dinner, I cooked green bean soup. While the rest made fried mee suah, salad, etc. Finished it off with Armani dark chocolates.

The bird nest was so pretty when all lighted up

This was so good, just pity the guys who are beating the lighted drums. Full light right in their face - wouldnt it be too hot?

The audience

The dollface girls

The man made bird

One world

One dream

Later on, I was bored nuts with the assembly of every countries that I feel asleep.

We were cheering so loudly for Malaysia

But.....our cheer cannot be compared to the cheers for the China team.

They had the chinese delegates and the whole of China. Who can beat that?

Do you realize there are alot of black people in the Olympics....I am not being prejudice here but seriously there are so many black people from countries which I have not heard before. Do you agree?

Now, I can't wait for the closing ceremony

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