Thursday, September 18, 2008


Last weekend I went to Shanghai Art Centre & MOCA.
I was blown away with the art.
I will start of with pics from Shanghai Art Centre.

This was an art piece which I overlooked as I thought it was just long grass that was not cut

Peeps were taking picture under the train?
Now can someone please explain to me why is that?
Then we later we went off to MOCA.

I was bored, I saw this statue and I just cant stop thinking about doing the dragon ball pose. So I did!

Spot me!

This looks like some ordinary white painted white pipes but is actually toilet pipes which I came to realise after looking at the top of the pipes.

Miniature toilet bowls and bath tubs how cute.

I love Zhang Peng's art work.

R just could not stop fooling around it so I had to take a pic.

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