Tuesday, October 14, 2008

5pm going to 6

As usual the traffic in Shanghai can be a BI*CH sometimes when is close to 5pm. I hate it when meetings are scheduled at that time and I am in my high heels trying to fetch a cab before anyone does.
It always resulted to a small little bitchy fights with the locals.
It was 4 something pm close to 5pm when I had to run for a meeting.
No cab...and I hate to be late!
Ran, look, walk, prayed for one to come by but nada....
This is it!!! I was desperate....
I found this unregistered motor bike taxi which reminds me of a tut tut in Bangkok...this middle age lady asked me where I was going....
thinking to myself should I or should I not?
Freak it ...I jumped straight into it ....went straight to my destination in less than 5 min.
Kudos to her she charged me RMB 10 and I was one happy supplier who got a project from a client!
Our backs are facing each other

My view

This is what the motobike taxi looks like

Area which I can take from my camera - can u see right at the corner. Motorbike taxi riders even can afford a fake Gucci bag

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