Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Me not Vietnam

These pictures were taken in Vietnam but obviously not much of the scenery but of me. I am planning my next trip to Hanoi where I will be heading to Sapa and Halong Bay. Can't wait for sun, sea, sand ok maybe not so much of the sun....I have seriously realised the damage of the sun to the skin. So I am planning to stay away and look 10 years younger when I am 40.
This picture was taken at a shopping complex in the city. Not a fan of posh but I think she is someone who does not give a shit and just does what she likes - thats what I like about her. Her dry British accent and jokes makes her quite a character. Not forgetting her collection of shoes. Her feet must be crying out loud for help!
Drinking a coconut in a boat at Delta Mekong.
This boy is so cute he is like my little tourist guide who just pulls me everywhere to show me stuff through pointing at it. No idea what he was saying though.

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