Monday, October 13, 2008

My Birthday Weekend

Last weekend I celebrated my last weekend of being *22*.

My stylist friend was nice enough to give me a free make up and hair styling at his salon. I loved it.
My French patisserie friend cooked me Sunday brunch.
My Malaysian sweetheart cooked tom yam hot pot for dinner
I was bombarded by msgs in facebook thank you to all of you who remembered!
To all of you who celebrated it with me and got drunked like it was their birthday, thank u! It was one of the few memorable birthdays to date.
This weekend was also a time to reflect on many things such as what have I achieved for this year and what I wanted for the new year.
An advise from a 41 year old ex porn director -
"Every problem you encounter is an opportunity"

1 comment: said...

happy belated birthday

cool that you have so many international friends :)