Friday, November 28, 2008

Cheng Cheng

Time flies and by the time you know it - you have not seen a friend for at least 3 months. This was what happened to me and A. So we were wandering where should we go for dinner? Obviously I asked A where to go as she is the food person but she could not think of anything new to try.

So there I was thinking and wrecking my brain on where should we go. Finally I rememb
ered Cheng Cheng , Shanghainese restaurant owned by a famous cook/painter Jack Cheng. So we decided to try this place since we both have not been there.

The restaurant is amazing as it was decorated with amazing old furnitures, very vintage which I LOVE and it acts as an art gallery too. Jack Cheng sells his art and vintage furnitures in the restaurant and he is self taught painter. Cheng Cheng serves authentic Shanghainese food, Jack (the owner) pays alot of attention to the quality of the food served and most importantly no MSG. The food is very good and the service is tip top.

VINTAGE We had Tou Miu and Hong Shao Rou Look at the paintings in the backdrop - pretty Me and A. I love the glass box next to the vase. The interior decorations. Romantic ahhhhhhhhh

We were last to leave the restaurant so Jack Cheng came and have a chat with us. He took us into his kitchen and my god that was the cleanest restaurant kitchen that I have ever seen. I would seriously recommend Cheng Cheng to anyone who is alooking for a MSG free Chinese food, clean and great ambiance.


WoAi said...

Full marks to your friend for that boots and skirt outfit. Sorry I haven't read the food commentary yet (sorry, I'm a guy!). Minus points for you in plain old jeans!

Ai Mei said...

woai - ayyah is ok i didnt comment that much just that u have to try it. Ayyah she was from work and i was from home so lazy to dress up.