Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

See me all so happy and cheerful! Going to have turkey ma ...reason for my big grin! Like my top?? is vintage and I deconstructed it to look more HIP. Minus the shoes BLEH!Went to P's house - he lives in the lane houses in Jing An district. He told us that his neighbours left right centre and bottom hates him. Poor boy oh well the place that he lives is really nice.

He even set the table up for dinner. How sweet.
The turkey was ordered from Marriot Hotel. It was so good!
RMB 1000 - it better be good ah.

Red wine, sweet potato, mashed potato, carrots .....

Cranberry sauce & mashed potato
Dessert - Apple pie with vanilla and chocolate ice cream
We had an Australian sparkling wine - Zibibbo to end the whole meal.
I slept so well that night must be the whole turkey, dessert and sparkling wine all mashed together in my tummy.


champagne lover said...

there's no such a thing as 'australian champagne'. its an australian sparkling wine.

Ai Mei said...

champagne lover - oppss sorry love! Australian Champagne wine it is. Thank for the notice!