Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Marathon Bag Runner

Those we know me personally knows I am a sucker for bags and clothes. I hate splurging on items which are too expensive but love spending on one of a kind designs should it be clothing or accessories.
Yesterday I decided to learn how to make a simple drawstring bag.
1. Choose a fabric. I decided to use this fabric which was from a dress I bought from some market.
2. Cut it to a rectangular shape and fold it to half.
3. Sew both sides of the squared shaped bag leaving the top part open. One of the sides, you should leave a 3 cm gap/hole.
4. The top part of the bag, fold in about 2cm of the fabric and sew the ends.
Yes I do wear glasses

5. Cut a long piece of a thin fabric. Fold it to half and sew the endings. This is the string.

5. Once you have sewn the bag and the long string. Use a pin to hold the string and slide it into the hole at the top part of your bag.

Finished product.

So bright! I love it!

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