Monday, November 10, 2008


Last weekend, I went on a weekend trip to Yangzhou.
Most of you might be too familiar with Hangzhou and Suzhou but Yangzhou is also a very pretty small city to go for a weekend trip. Its a 4 hours bus ride from Shanghai.
As it was raining on Saturday morning, the roads were pretty wet and foggy.
I was not surprised to see a collapsed vehicle.When we arrived at Yangzhou, it was freezing cold. It was about 13 degrees. We were not very prepared for that.Stayed at Lan Tian hotel which was pretty ok considering we only paid RMB 158 per night.Our viewOn the way out we were greeted by a very cute baby bundled up to look like a "cow". I just had to take a pic of the traffic light. Very original.Everyone goes to London and takes a picture of the phone booth. I went to Yangzhou and took a picture of their own phone booth.Some monument in the middle of the road. Somehow this city reminds me of Korea. I am very fond of Korea so it brings back alot of fond memories.We were hunting down this restaurant which serves pretty good Yangzhou dim sum. On the way we saw that there were many stores that sells knives and kitchen appliances. My gf wanted a non stick pan unfortunately they were not so advanced.

The streets of YangZhou.
Along the way you will notice alot alot of trishaws. They are a good form of transport if you wanna see more of Yangzhou. Not expensive too. We found the restaurant for the Dim Sum.Sooo many ppl.
So we were pretty excited and hungry to start of with. So everyone was looking forward to dim sum till we saw what was served to us.
This is Yangzhou dimsum. Sooooo disappointing.Bao, malay cake and siu mai. So expensive and so not worth our time searching for it. Siao long bao? Bad bad
Shredded tofu in soup.
ALL IN ALL I would say skip their dim Sum and go have the famous Yangzhou fried rice.
Yangzhou is known for their garden and lakes.
There is the He Garden which was own by the He family.
Yangshou is also known for their peanut sticky toffee. After He Garden, we took a walk and passed by this pretty church. Next was to Yang Zhou famous Slender West Lake.
Dont be mistaken with the Hangzhou West Lake with Yangzhou West Lake.
Yangzhou West Lake has the word "slender" infront of it.
Slender West Lake

Pretty huh. The air was so clean and fresh.

Love this picture of this couple who were holding hands and their friend who was adjusting the camera to have a picture taken of all 3 of them.

The "China" Trafalgar Square. I miss my days in London.

I was just making a fool of myself. Just bare with the next 3 pictures.

Around the lake there are alot of shops that sells soft toys. Guess most toy manufacturers are based over there.So many sizes to choose from and so cheap too.I just had to play with it. Revival of the 80'sIt was dark by 6pm, we took a short canal cruise.Stopped at 1912 which is similar to Xintiandi. Dinner was at this restaurant called the Beer Brewery. The owner is very friendly and speaks excellent English. His beer are all brewed in house. So of course we had to have their beer and their food was excellent too.After dinner we went to their bar where a Philiphino band was playing. They were very good so we danced the night away.After dancing for a pretty good 2 hours our feet was calling out for a feet massage.The feet massage was RMB 50 for a good 1 and a half hour. Yangzhou's feet massage was so different compared to Shanghai. Their massage was mostly rubbing both hands vigorously with your feet. The massage made us so tired that we slept soundly on that night.
All in all it was a good trip.
On the way back, I saw the Pearl tower monument pearched on this building's rooftop. It was back to Shanghai and work on Monday.

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