Friday, November 14, 2008

Sex in Shanghai City

M&S recently collaborated with Sex and The City stylist - Patricia Field.
Do you remember this amazing outfit worn by SJP. Well Patricia Field had her very own designed for M&S.
I like!
Its a pretty good fit.
The only thing is that is soooo expensive - This dress cost RMB 1000 something.
Now for someone who makes her clothes for less that RMB 200 is a NO NO for me to purchase it. Furthermore everyone would know where it came from.
There also the inner demon in me that tells me to buy one so that I have one Patricia Field number. Ohhhhhhh tempted sial!!!
The second outfit I wore was a pantsuit partnered with a gold plated belt - did not look as flattering as I want it to be. Oh I love this sequin backless number.
Funny though I always thought black makes someone look thinner but this dress made me look fat. \
I think is because it covers my shoulders and is entirely covered in sequins. Those who are a fan of Patricia Field should definitely go and have a look at the collection.
Even if you can't afford it, you can camwhore in the fitting room and send me your fav number!


shopgirl said...

that black dress is really NICE on you!
were there any white available?

MG said...

Coming from a man's point of view i do not find the white dress on Sarah Jessica Parker is attractive at all....
It seems more appropriate as a stage dress rather for casual occasion.
I find the flower piece is rather too big, can easily be a distraction. The flower size on the black dress is more appropriate, but black and gold do not score high in my book…..
Well what do I know, I am just a guy…. I guess I am doomed to never understand both fashion and women !!! : (

Ai Mei said...

mg - guess everyone has their own preference when it comes to fashion. So is not that u dont understand woman is we all have ddiff set of taste.

shopgirl - no white but i dont think i will get white - will make me look fat. I m thinking of getting her clutch bag which i LOVE.