Monday, November 17, 2008

Y's Table

Pudong is so beautiful at night, ever since I got my Canon camera its pretty much captured what I so love about this city. Last week, I was invited for the opening of Y's table at Shanghai World Financial Centre. So beautiful.

The place was crowded when I arrived. Everyone was lining up for food ranging from Italian, Japanese, American and Chinese. The cooks are mostly Italians, Chinese and Japanese and if I am not wrong is owned by a Japanese company so their service is tip top excellent.There were champagne, wine, tea, juice served to us. On normal days, Y's table is like a high end food court with tables scattered around the restaurant. But for that night to accommodate such high volume of ppl they had to take away the tables and chairs. So we all had to share the table.These few are some of my closest friends in Shanghai.
People who I am going to miss alot when I head back to South East Asia. I think Y's table is a worthwhile place to head for lunch or dinner. The set lunch I heard are not too expensive as they provide relatively very good service and food. The food that I had that night was pretty good.


shopgirl shanghai said...

you are so cute :)
may i ask how old you are?

Ai Mei said...

shopgirl - thanks dear u r cute tooooooo!!!!

i m way older than better not disclose my age here.