Monday, November 17, 2008

I am getting MARRIED!

Said to me by a gf of mine. Bleh!
Amazing her fiance proposed to her in Egypt and she is over the moon.
I saw it coming so I was not surprised at all.
We decided to visit the wedding wholesale market which is only 2 floors so I cant really categorize it as a market.
I was so excited as I get to go bridal shopping with my gf, I was more excited than the bride herself.
The wholesale market is close to the Shanghai Railway Station subway station, exit 2.

The bridal market was on the 4th and 5th floor of this building.

Basically you can find everything that you need for a wedding. Bridal gowns, photography, favors, makeup, accessories.

The only things is the selection they have are pretty outdated.

So many favor boxes, it was seriously doing my head in after a while.

If you wanna do your own wedding photos, you actually can just take your own pictures and slot it in the amazing selection of photo albums they provide.Makeup very important for the bride. Here you can find everything regarding make up. Fake eye lashes, brushes and the list goes on.Then there are shops that sells accessories ranging from mask, to mirrors, costume to wings. Good place to come for Halloween or costume party.
Selection of bridal gowns are plenty but not of the Vera Wang kinda way more LOUD or "what are you thinking???" kinda way.
Best to look at the pics to see what I mean. I don't think I will be heading to this market for my bridal gowns.

These colors are so wayyy the top.Abit to gold and red, dont u think?
PoofyThis does not look too bad. But boring.This is just so Mary Antoinette.This bridal shop sells pretty ok dresses, some gowns are by Japanese and Korean designers.This is plain boring and the frills. Goodness!
Stay tune on my next post on Swarovski and wedding gowns that I wanna wear for my wedding.


MG said...

HAHAHAAH. I have to agree with you that some displayed stuff do look outdated…. on sale ??

On the other hand, can I assume all girls get exited towards wedding ??
Or better yet, are there girls who are indifferent towards wedding??

Swiss James said...

I had no idea this market existed- you're right, it would've been amazing for Halloween.

Place looks creepy / fantastic

shopgirl shanghai said...

thanks for the tip :)
need to go there next time to buy some cool masks :)

Ai Mei said...

mg - hey i have a friend who just got married and she wasnt excited about it at all. It was her husband who was. Seriously i think wedding is just too hyped up.

swiss james - everyday u learn somethin new. I just got to know about this market thru another married frien of mine.

shopgirl - now u know some little hideaway for amazing looking mask!