Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Swarovski Wedding

This is what I want for my wedding.
White glamour, crystal preferably diamonds the size of China.
Swarovski held an event where they collaborated with the designers such as Barney Cheng, Han Feng, Vera Wang to design wedding gowns with Swarovski Crystals.
The event was held at Tai Ping Road which is very close to the Huang Pu River. I call it the space ship cause it really does look like one and everytime someone ask me where am I ...
Me: "I am in the space ship place"
Friends: Ohh I know I am coming over.

Nice huh the escalator to the space ship.

Now from my last post I was excited shopping for my friend's wedding.

At space ship, you should have seen my face when I was bombarded with so many amazing bridal gowns and the bling bling crystals accompanied with it.

Swarosvki everywhere from bridal gowns to chandeliers to the candle sticks. Is full was soo beautiful.
Ohhh love love


champagne, plates, ...... A wedding bed like this would just complete my wedding night. Minus the dolls and models.
They look so untouchable and pure.
Feathers with crystals ... nice
This gown is sooo beautiful mind u all of them are. All night I was trying to devise a plan to rob them.

Ok this is abit to futuristic but hey if anyone can pull it off good on them.
Vera Wang
This looks very Victor and Rolf

This is the best part. Accesories with Swarovski the size of Panama.
Ohhhh we ladies are just spoilt by choice.
I want this huge ass earring.

I think if I were to wear this, it would be me with those honey and nothing else.

Who is the fairest of them all?

Guess which celebrity stopped by...... Michelle Reis - guess is pretty appropriate as she is getting married pretty soon.
Now I have so many different inspirations and ideas for my future wedding plans.


Swiss James said...

How many times have you seen the movie Cinderella?

MG said...

WOW .... Its a total new perspective compared to your previous entry.
They even dress up the bottle of moet...
Emm... was the function open to public ??

Ai Mei said...

swiss james - many times and still have not had enough of it. Every girl would wanna be cinderella on their wedding day - the part where she marries the prince and live happily ever after.

mg - not sure if the event was for public but it was a pretty good event.

Shopgirl said...

my dream is actually to marry in Las Vegas with only us two. but then spend BIG AMOUNT on the hotel, dinners, shopping etc.

Ai Mei said...

Shopgirl - really? I always wanted something small but not that small lol...i would love to have my family and close friends around me.

Julianne said...

Everything is fabulous..! Those wedding gowns are marvelous..!

Ai Mei said...

Julianne - agree is so FABULOUS!