Friday, November 28, 2008

Sin to Muse

OK so there we were figuring after dinner what to do? I was obviously banned from going home as I won't be partying very much in Shanghai in the future. I came out with the idea to go to the new SIN bar just because the manager is a friend of mine and is good to give him a bit of support.
Sin bar is opened by the same owner of Barbarossa and is located just behind Four Seasons Hotel at Want Want Plaza.Sorry I only have one pic of the place but basically you can see a Adam and Eve/ Heaven and Hell theme going on in the place. There is this huge forbidden fruit once you step into the bar and right across it just above the DJ is an amazing angel wing. That was beautiful.

As it was a new bar it was pretty quite but I am sure it will be packed pretty soon in the future. We then headed to Muse for some good old hip hop & RnB music and danced the night away till my feet started crying for help.


WoAi said...

Why won't you be partying much in future?

Ai Mei said...

Woai - Detox love detox and no stamina anymore

WoAi said...

Oh that's fine, I thought maybe you were taken "off the market" or leaving Shanghai, LOL!

But you picked an odd time as we move in to the real party season with Christmas and new year coming up - do it in January like everyone else la!

Ai Mei said...

woai - lets meet up this week or next! I will not be in Shanghai for Christmas or NYE.