Monday, November 24, 2008


What I wore.
Highlight of my outfit was my shoes, clutch and pants!

Soft shell crab

The food was so good and it was not expensive at all.


shopgirls shanghai said...

wooooooooh, have to go to haiku!!

By the way. You have to come to my birthday party on the 13th december in shanghai :D

Ai Mei said...

shopgirl - i cant make it on the 13th i might be out of the city we have to meet before that!

shopgirl said...

oh really, what a pity :(
I arrive in SH on the 12th, but let's meet up when you get back, I will stay in Shanghai til beginning of January

Ai Mei said...

shopgirl - babes i hope i can meet u b4 i go or else i wont be able to see u anytime soon.

shopgirl said...

so come to my birthday :P

but let's hope you will be in sh that day.