Sunday, November 23, 2008


M1NT was an obvious place to go after Kee Club - why? Members only club maaaaa and I wanted to see all of it on that night.
None of us were members we just made up some name to get it.
They knew we were bullshitting but they still let us in!!
YOOHOO jump with joy!Stepping out of the lif on the 22nd floor.The "qian tai" seriously my Eng vocab is slowly deterioratingWe were amazed by the amount of baby sharks in the aquarium. Brings me back to the days when I was in Maldives. Nothing was complete without camwhoring with the sharks or more like the aquarium.The bar areaDance floorThe place was I heard huge but when I was there I only got to saw maybe one third of the place so I was like
"hey where got big"
Then a friend told me that they have a few floors.... and there is even an outdoor terrance. A little bit of the interiorMINT sign was everywhere. I saw it hereand even on the ashstrayThere was this waiter who was very sweet to me and my 3 tipsy friends. Bless him... so took picture with him as I won't be back to M1NT anytime soon.Pretty huh- decent pic from all the blurred ones I took.I love this pic of me and A

We left at about 4isham. I was down with a massive headache the next day but I really enjoyed myself that night as it has been a pretty long time ever since I went out till this late.


shopgirls shanghai said...

that top is gorgeous on you :)

WoAi said...

First Kee then M1NT! You have the rock star lifestyle.

I don't understand how either of these two members clubs will survice past a year in this economic climate. It's nuts. Even Attica couldn't survive and they were just expensive not exclusive.

Good to know you can BS your way in though, I'd never had the guts to try that.

Ai Mei said...

shopgirl - thank u!

woai - i agree I dont know how they are able to sustain. Will just have to wait and see.
You should try BS your way in too is fun!

WoAi said...

Ai Mei - I'm just gonna say I'm good friends with Ai Mei so let me in!